Weekly update (9/16 – 9/22)

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Over the past week, I was able to make the following progress with my project:

– Came up with a detailed design of my project, which lists all the modular components and their functions. These components might change as the implementation phase takes place, but so far it will be a guideline to stick to.

– Discussed with my project advisor (Ajit) and agreed on a timeline, at least for the next 3 – 4 weeks, which divides the tasks of writing the paper, implementing the neural network and the Google Chrome extensions.

– Obtained the IBC dataset with 4,000+ labeled sentences from the authors themselves. This is the most crucial part of implementing, training and testing the neural network. I will spend the next week to learn about the dataset, do some data cleaning if necessary and start implementing the CNN in SciKit Learn.

РInstalled SciKit learn and started getting myself familiar with the tool by taking a course on Udacity. Also read about CNN and MLP implementation in SciKit learn

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