The marine aquarium industry has been exploring IoT (Internet of Things) technologies to automate maintenance, yet existing solutions often rely on proprietary Wi-Fi or Bluetooth implementations, hindering the development of reliable hardware. Moreover, these solutions operate within isolated ecosystems, posing integration challenges with established Smart Home platforms like Appleā€™s HomeKit.

This project explores the latest advancements in IoT connectivity standards, particularly focusing on Thread and its open-source counterpart, OpenThread. Our objective is to establish a Platform leveraging OpenThread that empowers third-party IoT manufacturers to easily build Thread-enabled products for specific applications within large-scale artificial environments, such as aviaries and marine aquariums. In addition, we developed a hardware prototype to showcase distinct advantages of a connected aquatic control system over traditional aquarium setups. Overall, the Platform means to highlight an integrated experience where a focus on ease of access and onboarding, both through the adoption of Thread and HomeKit, enhances the user experience and drives the development of animal-care technologies.

Data Architecture Diagram


GitLab: https://code.cs.earlham.edu/adai13/aquatic-control-system