CS388: Weekly Update

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In the past week, I have been working on the related for my three project ideas. I wrote an annotated bibliography for each topic with five different sources. This week got rid of one of the ideas and decided to work on these two:

  • Sleep Pattern Classification
  • Modified method for HDI calculation

Senior Project Ideas

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  • Pillow AI: I am thinking of having Arduino device built-in the pillow, which can be charged and have heart-rate sensors to receive heart-rate while the person is sleeping. Having this data, I could determine sleeping patterns and find the Light Sleep phase. After having a light sleep phase, I can send the alarm signal to the phone to wake up a person closest to the time when they set the alarm.
  • Signature Recognition: I can use some deep learning algorithms, create a testing dataset and collect signatures of a lot of people. After that, I want to determine if the given signature is fake or a person’s real one.
  • Human Development Index: I’ve been working on this project with my Econ professor this summer on the research, but the project turned out to be so exciting I might use it for my senior research project. So the basic idea is that have a platform(website) where people can go and choose their indicators(whatever they think are essential for country’s development) for the Human Development Index and get a new ranking of those countries. Keeping track of all given inputs from users, I can make some cool data analysis with it. Back-end will be python with pandas library, and dataset will be streaming live Restful API from Worldbank database.