Hello! My name is Adla and I am a senior double majoring in Computer Music Composition and Data Science at Earlham College. I am interested in applying data analytics and modeling in psychological research.


This research aims to examine whether there is a way to predict if the song is going to be popular specifically on Spotify, as it is the most used streaming platform nowadays. The concept of digitalization had a strong impact on the music industry, which is why this research explores whether there is a “perfect score” of each musical component obtained through the Spotify API database and whether it is going to determine the success of the song if it follows all the guidelines. Due to the fact that most of the success comes from the popularity of the artist and the label they are signed to, I obtained both the data of the top 100 songs of 2022 and the top 100 underrated songs of 2022 using the playlists that have the most likes and streams which is why I find them to be more reliable.

Data Diagram

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Adla Burza Senior Capstone Paper