Hello, my name is Oluwademilade Bolatimi but better referred to as Demi. I am a junior Data scientist and economics major who plans on using my coding knowledge and capabilities to help make a difference in financial markets.

This year I will be doing my senior capstone in which I have decided on the topic of ‘The Power of A Name’ in predicting future job salary. I will be using job salary as a predictor as it is accessible through the data I can collect and this can be seen as a good measure of a person’s job opportunity and career path in life. I will be doing this by collecting data from the city of Chicago’s database using their free-to-use API to collect some personal information from random samples. Using this name I plan to study first names and last names and see how based on the ethnicity of those names if that can predict a higher chance of improving the chances of a higher salary. Using Python libraries that I have found online I will be able to determine the ethnicity of a person’s name. I would like to see if people who have different ethnicities in their first and last name have improved their chances of gaining a higher salary to see the extent and desire of job opportunities can even make a person want to give their child a different ethnic name. This will all depend on the ethnicity