About Me:

I am Andex Nguyen, a Senior who’s majoring in Data Science. This is my Senior Capstone project page.


Since 2020 when the pandemic struck us for the first time, Covid-19 has always been a globally noteworthy issue. In this project, the questions that I am trying to find the answers for are how different countries in 1 region, specifically South-East Asian Countries, responded to the Vaccine, and what may be the reasons for that difference. A lot of the time, the matter of the people not having vaccinated stem from the political issues, economic and medical ability to acquire the vaccines, and the belief systems of those countries. My country, Vietnam, did very well in preventing Covid-19 by executing strong quarantine policies for our first step, and we proceeded to excellently secure an adequate amount of vaccines for our people. I want to see if the countries around the same area as my country also did a similarly good job. There would also be a case difference between fully vaccinated and those who are still waiting to complete their vaccination process.

Data Architecture Diagram:


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