Welcome everyone! My name is Evan Griswold. I am a collegiate athlete majoring in Computer Science at Earlham College and have a high interest in Cybersecurity & Networking/IT.

Post Graduation, I accepted a Job offer and will be working for Prasco Pharmaceutical as a Supply Chain/Logistics Distribution IT Manager. I will write code and manage all product distribution, going in and out the door with the serialization.

My Project

This project focuses on developing an AI-powered music recommendation system by harnessing diverse music data sources with the primary dataset Million Song Dataset (MSD) and having a sub-dataset, The Echo Nest. These contain lyrics, user data, genre labels, and Track info. Employing content-based filtering and deep learning algorithms together will achieve the best results, providing users with personalized and diverse music recommendations. Using the platform Xcode, I created an App using Swift UI code and made it personable to the user.

Data Architecture Diagram


Link to GitLab

Demonstration Video