About me

I am Wisdom Boinde and I hail from Nandom, Ghana. I am a student of Earlham College, Richmond-Indiana, majoring in Physics and Computer Science. Pursuing a Ph.D. in Physics is my educational goal. My experiences as a young black physicist in the diaspora also expanded my interest in diversity, equity, and inclusion activities. I also enjoy general outdoor activities. I play for the Earlham Men’s Soccer team. I also play basketball, run, listen to music, and dance amongst others.

My Project: Personalised Voice Recognition Program

Speaker and Speech recognitions are present to enable users to communicate via voice to computers. However, these systems use Machine Learning processes that lack diversity of datasets in all areas such as race and age. In such machine learning domains, questions like: How do we represent individuals from all demographic groups? How do we identify biases in this system?, and How might we mitigate these biases? are being addressed at a rapid pace. Making speaker recognition personalizable on a certain number of training data sets is a solution that could address most of these questions posed. To this end, my project is a personalized Speech recognition system that recognizes only the user.

Data Architecture Diagram

The flow of data through the program

link to GitHub:https://github.com/wbboinde19/Personalizable_Voice_Assistant

Software Demo Video