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Panel: Future Directions of CyberGIS and Geospatial Data Science (Chair: Shaowen Wang)
Panelists: Budhendra Bhaduri, Mike Goodchild, Daniel S. Katz, Mansour Raad, Tapani Sarjakoski, and Judy —

Selected topics by Ben Liebersohn


  • 3D domains are limited, more GIS integration with 3D rendition and simulation be well received.
  • Support for different types of data, which is sometimes more proprietary or otherwise have limited longevity.
  • Can we do analysis of data which we need 3D representation in order to compute simulations with it. Not everything is just landscapes (possibly meaning >3 dimensions? -B).
  • Decision support systems need more types of data. We need the integration with the applications as well.
  • Real time data streams and distributed loads which serve local decisions on broader, better networked scales.


  • Integration needs quantification of size, needs What do we envision as the problem, and the scope? What technology (hardware, network) is needed?
  • What does all this data mean? What do we do about it? This gets you closer to the science policy area.



“As an outsider, when I see what’s going on in this community I ask: what unique problems is this community facing versus common problems? I presented networking and cloud stuff you may not have seen before. The application can drive the network and the compute resources. Flexible and scalable networks. Maybe both sides can help one another.”

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