Revised Project Proposal

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. . ., but it may be revised again soon.

Our goal is to make a 3D rhythm game that would, among other possible applications, teach players the gestural motions of an orchestral conductor and act as a teacher for conducting music. The basic gameplay is that at certain points in the music, the game will show where the wand needs to be placed in 3D space and calculate score based on the distance between the intended position and the actual position of the wand. The gameplay would be comparable to the free game osu!, except no other inputs (e.g. mouse buttons) are required to play the game.
The project will consist of both software and hardware components, namely the game itself and a controller made specifically for said game, respectively. Currently, the game is planned to be built from scratch while including libraries such as OpenGL for a graphical interface and PortAudio for interacting with audio. Meanwhile, the required hardware may include just two infrared cameras/sensors as well as one infrared emitter on the tip of a wand for the cameras to detect. The reason for using infrared is to minimize any background interference that may occur when tracking a specific object as opposed to tracking by color.

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