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Intelligent Personal Assistant for Medicine

Research Supervisor: Dave Barbella

I want to build a software (potentially mobile application) that acts as an intelligent personal assistant for medical purpose. The inspiration comes from modern programs like Siri, but instead of being a general purpose, I want it to have a narrower focus (i.e. medicine). While I am still working on the details, I envision that you can talk to the app about various things such as diseases, medicines, hospitals and so on. I want the communication between the user and the app/program to be as human-like as possible. The app will also do other things like remind you to take your medicine, tell you if your physical health is matching with the symptoms of some disease, tell you when it’s time to go for a regular check-up and so on. I anticipate integrating other 3rd party web services to make some of these functionalities possible. I am also expecting to go through the works of CALO (Cognitive Assistant that Learns and Organizes) a lot among other resources.

There will be various aspects of computer science (or Artificial Intelligence specifically) that will be at the heart of this project such as:

  • Natural language processing
  • Question Analysis
  • Data collection/mashup
  • Reasoning/Pattern detection

While these are all new fields of study for me, I am excited to learn more about these and apply these while conducting my research/project.

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