Updated Project Idea

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Topic: Augmented Reality to enhance campus tour experience

Advisor: Xunfei Jiang

I would like to develop an interactive and informative mobile application that will assist the prospies and other outside visitors during their campus visits with the use of Augmented Reality. By using Augmented Reality’s ability to create virtual overlays on the mobile screens, I would like to provide the users with rich information about the buildings on the campus, the departments and their curriculums, the current on-campus events and many other things that are available to the public. On top of providing information, the application will also help people navigate their ways on campus, offer interactive and fun mini game activities and has some features like scheduling a short meeting with a professor. Currently I am planning to use the fiducial markers and text recognition (OCR ?) for target object recognition. I can also resort to geolocation to explore more possibilities of making the user experience better. However, I am still working on the details and have to consider what is possible and what is not.

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