Configuring JACK and Other Instruments

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Today, I found out how to automatically connect the FluidSynth audio output to the computer’s audio device input without having to manually make the connection in QjackCtl every time I run the program, and how to map each instrument to a specific channel. The FluidSynth API uses the “fluid_settings_setint” and “fluid_synth_program_select” functions, respectively, for such tasks. Both features are now integrated into the program, and I also allow the users to change the channel to instrument mapping as they see fit as well.

Now, the last thing I need to do to make this program a true virtual conductor is to incorporate tempo in such a way that I don’t have to limit myself and the music to eighth notes or longer anymore. Earlier today, Forrest also suggested that I use an integer tick counter of some kind to subdivide each beat instead of a floating point number. Also, for some reason, I’m still getting wildly inaccurate BPM readings, even without the PortAudio sleep function in the way anymore, but I may still be able to use the clock ticks themselves to my advantage. Although, a simple ratio can convert clock ticks to MIDI ticks easily, but I still need to figure out how I can trigger note on/off messages after a certain number of clock ticks have elapsed.

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