Capstone Abstracts- V1

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T1 – One data predicts another

This survey paper will look at publicly available data and try to find correlation with other market data. For example, it would study how weather patterns or viral news stories could correlate to stock prices for certain stocks. It will try to see to what extent one data can be abstractly analyzed and linked to others with what degree of certainty. It will involve working with a lot of data and analyzing it to find trends and patterns.

Possible Ideas to build on: 

— > Will be looking into Behavioral economics and how certain events follow another. Using this, I will look for places to extract co-related data. 

— > Will involve a fair bit of learning STATA to work on data and derive co-relations. Some statistical modeling would be helpful. 

—> Stock market data is usually well kept however similar day to day data is rarely seen in other places. One possible topic being finding co-relations is to look in unusual places within the stock markets. for example: Boeings stocks might be brought down by President Trump’s tweets but what other markets have shown unusual reactions to his tweets. Perhaps a comparison of market changes with key words in tweets of with the most popular people on twitter on that area. 


T2- Computers, data and everything else.

This survey paper will look at how the trends and tools of data analysis have changed within the stock markets and particularly with the field of Economics. Infamously labelled “the dismal science”, economist are only now able to collect and manipulate data to prove their theories. It will look at how data analysis because of modern computing is affecting other fields.

Possible Ideas to build on: 

—> Databases used in the stock markets and how they have eased day to day operations. 

—> Other popular mass scale data collection tools and how development in computing has changed their workings. { This would be more of a history digging up, I would look up how and why the successors were picked over their predecessors.}} 

—> Some bits of this project could be used on the first idea. 


T3 – Data Mining

This survey paper looks at how and what data is being extracted from users and in what ways companies are storing and profiting from it. It looks at targeted advertisements, cyber security, the algorithms working in the background and the databases that sell our data.

Possible Ideas to build on: 

—> Look into tools of data mining. The use of cookies and pop up ads and data extraction from search bars. How are these companies getting smarter every day, what loopholes in are they employing.  How they create a virtual personal of you based on what they know about you so far. 

—> Learn how the government has in the past used data from social security and taxes to analyze various sociological aspects. Where else has such data analysis existed within the computer science. How can the two be related ? 


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