Survey Paper

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Week 1 March 30th

I have gone ahead and read more carefully about the chosen topic from my bibliography. Furthermore, I’m looking for some more papers to add to the bibliography list. I also have the general outline for the survey paper ready, and waiting to add more details.


Week 2 April 6th

  • I have skimmed through a few more papers to try to find something to add to the bibliography.
  • Try to improve the overall structure of the paper, haven’t been able to
  • Read carefully the papers already in the bibliography. Some of which doesn’t fit in the current context and needs to be replaced/removed.

Week 3 April 12th

  • Sit and think of some other projects that might befit this
  • Find papers about Cloud computing on mobile devices
  • Find some more paper about 3D augmented rendering on mobile devices
  • Find a good tutorial on beginner augmented reality (place a 3D cube on a spot with a mark)

Week 4 April 19th

  • Add a few articles to the reference list
  • Update cloud computing
  • Finish up the 2nd draft

Week 5 April 26th

  • Continue the paper
  • Looking at AR examples

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