Flannery Currin Week 1

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This past week I reached out to Dave and he agreed to be my mentor for this project and prepared my presentation slides based on my project proposal. I dug into the NVDA developer’s guide and walked through some basic examples of creating and testing NVDA add-ons, so now I have a better understanding of what developing an add-on looks like. I met with Dave to go over my general approach and strategies to adapt that approach as necessary as time goes on. I also reached out to the director of the program where I worked over the summer to ask her to connect me with a colleague of hers or one of his students who have done more work in this space and who could help me especially at this stage of my project.

In the upcoming week I hope to develop criteria for the types of data visualizations I’ll be focusing on and begin creating examples of those and playing preliminarily with how NVDA digests them. I’d also like to go back over my literature review and begin working on paring it down some and shaping it into a Related Works section of my final paper.

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