Project Ideas

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1)A piece of software that takes aspects of a soccer team and suggests players to sign or release based on statistics found online. This will include physical attributes, such as height, weight, 40 time, as well as statistics like shots on target and passes. This could be improved to search for specific words in scouting reports such as “dynamic” or “intelligent”.

2)Soccer is a dynamic and fluid game with many complexities that make it very difficult to predict. I’m interested in looking at how current predictions are made, such as at fivethirtyeight, and attempting to develop software to predict outcomes of matches.

3)Drones create opportunities to see the world with an unprecedented amount of freedom and flexibility. As they improve they’re able to fly higher and for longer, and cameras also improve to take images of incredible quality even from heights of more than 100 meters. The result is a lot of images. I’m interested in creating a robust piece of software that stitches large sets of images together reliably and quickly into a single 2D image.

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