Very first draft of thesis ideas

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Computer Echolocation

For my project, I would like to do something where I can use both hardware and software. An idea I am interested in that contains the intersection between hardware and software would be creating a robot that uses echolocation to find the walls that define its boundaries. For now, I am thinking of using an EV3 robot and sonar. However, this doesn’t seem like it’ll be enough for a final project, so I am considering using other hardware tools for the robot besides the EV3 robot. I’m still narrowing that part down and need to do a little more research into hardware tools.


Platform for viewing data

I am interested in data, an idea relating to this is be to create my own platform for ingesting and displaying data. Having experimented with D3 recently, I think that would be a tool I would like to use for a large portion of project. During the summer, I used a platform that stored data in a graph form and would display said data, I would like to make something similar to this but with a different data structure for the data. I will be doing research to consider what direction to go with this.


Python Module for Image Processing

My final and least developed idea is to make a python module for image processing. I would make this from scratch, it would be dependant on other modules, but not other image processing modules. Creating a python module from scratch and image processing are two things that

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