Week 5

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This week I’ve gotten minorly stuck. I know that NVDA is able to grab — and speak — certain information about the data visualizations I’ve created(it might say, for example, “graphic New York” when I navigate to a point representing the population of New York). But when I try to grab information about those navigator objects, I end up grabbing objects whose roles are either “unknown” or “section.” These objects also don’t have names, descriptions, basic text, or any useful attribute containing the text information NVDA is able to provide, but isTextEmpty also consistently returns False. At this point I’m not entirely sure where I should be looking to keep digging — I’ve looked into the code for NVDAObjects, TextInfo, speech.py, etc. I’ve also dug into forums and things and found an NVDA development mailing list, so I posted a response to a forum thread asking for clarification about something that might be relevant to this issue and sent a more detailed account of the issue I’m facing and request for guidance to the mailing list. Hopefully I’ll get this sorted out by this time next week.

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