Weekly update – Rei

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During the past week, I run into a few problems. I kept getting a PendingDeprecationWarning coming from one the methods used from Scikit Learn. It seems that something has changed or is currently changing on Numpy that affects Scikit learn modules. For now, I was able to ignore the warning. However, I will look more into it to make sure that the warning won’t become a bigger problem in the future.

I was able to find a Scikit wrapper for TSVM, and I tried implementing it. I am currently getting an error coming from the implementation of the TSVM. I suspect it is due to being written for Python 2. I will make the necessary changes so I can use with the current version of Python. For example, it uses xrange() instead of range(). I believe that once I make the necessary changes, the TSVM should work as suspected.

Moreover, the Blogs corpus was too big to be imported as CSV on Google Sheets. So I am currently implementing a simple script which will randomly create a smaller sample, which I will manually label afterward.

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