Week 7

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This week I started playing around with creating the visualization tool piece of my project. In doing that, I learned a lot of the more finicky details of NVDA. It uses an internal installation of Python, which makes sense for users because they don’t need to already have Python installed on their machine to use NVDA. However, this makes installing packages more difficult and requires basically copying and pasting the contents of the package into a directory within the NVDA set up so that its installation of python can use it. To test small changes I want to make, I’ve found the NVDA Python console to be really helpful, but it’s only accessible when NVDA is running which can sometimes slow down the testing process. Overall, I feel like this project has gotten me really into the weeds and I’ve begun identifying specific problems in the way NVDA tries to go about reading this type of content, but I’m not entirely sure of what solutions would best fit with the existing NVDA structure.

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