Week 10

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At this point, since I’m still having issues with DrawString, I decided to start looking into alternative options. My adviser recommended that I look into Tkinter again, but after some playing around with it and digging into it, I learned that Tkinter is fundamentally incompatible with NVDA because it does not produce accessible content. wxPython is often used to make NVDA-related GUIs, so I  looked into that some but I don’t think it will let me make quite what I want to, so I’ve decided to back up and change plans slightly. I’m going back to the idea of just creating a clean-as-possible transcript of what information NVDA is able to gather when it’s running and developing a script completely outside of NVDA that can take that transcript and create a visual representation from it. I’ve started working on the transcription script and will hopefully have that done by the end of the week so that over the weekend I’ll be able to get a visualization together and ready to present.

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