388-Week 3 updates

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I decided to pivot on my ideas a little bit because 2 of them were already solved and I didn’t feel that I had anything to add to the field. I have found papers and starting to read them on my new ideas, ideas listed below.

Idea 1 : Gesture Controlled Mouse and Keyboard

Description: The Idea is to fully replace the keyboard and mouse of a computer by using a 2D camera to track hand motions. I really like the idea of incorporating the feature of swipe to text as seen on some mobile phones, this could possibly increase typing speed. 

Idea 2 : Procedural Level generation for 2D platform game

Description: Last semester I built a Game in Unity with 2 friends, we have continued to work on our game with the intention that one day we sell it. A large part of this process will be the generation of new levels. One idea is to develop an algorithm that procedurally generates the levels. While procedurally generated games are fairly common, procedurally generated platformers are far less common. There are a few challenges involved that I think would make this interesting. 

Idea 3: Educational app for learning the rules of Ultimate Frisbee

Description: My other new idea, is to create an app that is maybe similar to other educational apps such as Duo-lingo, but with the intention of teaching the rules of ultimate frisbee. Since it is Self-refereed sport it is much more important that the players know the rules themselves. However these rules in the rule book are very wordy and hard to follow sometimes, this would provide an easily accessible way to learn the rules without having to sit down and read a book.

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