388 – week 15

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Submitted Proposal Draft 2. Worked on presentation. I have decided that instead of just generating the geometry of the levels it will be a lot more interesting and compelling to also figure out how to generate the puzzles within the level. This will be tricky but I can think of a few ways to to this. The first and easiest one would have some chunks fully contain a simple puzzle, while this would be effective and ensure complete-ablility it would get repetitive fairly quick and not be very challenging. The second method would be to have meta data contained within each chunk, and have a more developed chunk selection process. such as this chunk contains a 4 block vertical jump, so before there is another chunk like this there must be a chunk that contains a crate. the last method that I thought of would be another algorithm that would loop over the geometry of the level and place puzzles like that. this would be quite tricky but it would simplify the generation of the geometry.

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