Week 10 Updates

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In the past week, I have:

  • Finished a simple Hangman Game in Elixir, I coded it up during the weekend. It can be found here: https://github.com/hungphi98/Hangman_Elixir. I learned a lot of things while making this tiny game: decoupling design; BEAM processes and concurrency; distributed client-side; and a couple of Elixir native concepts: Supervisor, Agent, and Application. I think these lessons will be extremely valuable to me once I started implementing my idea.
  • I started picking up three books and reading them at the same time, two books by Tanenbaum: Distributed System and Computer Network, another one is Handbook of Peer to peer networking. I find it much more useful to learn from reading books other than papers. They gave me a foundation of knowledge, and I don’t feel starved like I do when reading the papers. Some of the stuff I have picked up so far:
    • Scaling techniques
    • Basics of network security
    • Requirements and implications of a P2P network
  • I started seriously looking at the implementation of Blockchain. I have learned their basic protocol and had a rough idea of how they work. I have coded a basic blockchain using Flask but too shy to upload to GitHub since the code is extremely messy – I might clean it – probably not.

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