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Pitch #1

We all at some point have received that suspicious message stating that we are being watched or an annoying pop up in which insists that our devices are riddled with virus’s. I seek to find out how often and by what measure are people being trully attacked on there smart devices. As many smart devices do not offer robust cyber security systems they are more vulnerable to attack than other devices like computers. This software will provide an insight into the presence of hackers and malware on smart devices gathering data on the types of attacks to be wary of.

Pitch #2

New technologies have been evolving to aid life within the home. Video door bells, cameras and smart devices make many tasks much simpler than they use to be. However, the threat of security and ensuring that those with malicious intent are unable to hack and harm your home network has also increased, a failure in security could expose all of your personal information. As a result of this many organizations provide VPN services that have been developed as a means to protect people from the dangers of malicious hackers and malware. However, these same VPNS come with some faults such as higher cost and limitations as dictated by the provider , and the fact that paid services place you in the hands of the operator and its various cloud/network providers with no certainty that these providers will not snoop around in your data.

A VPN server that a user can host on there local machine solves all of these aforementioned problems with the added benefit of the user being able to securly access and maintain there home network.The server will be held in a virtual machine and will allow the user to be in complete control of it and its functions. This will increase efficiency of the VPN as the user no longer has to go through the network of the provider. My goal is to automate and open-source this process creating an easy launchable VPN server an average user can easily launch and use to maintain access to their home network.While at the same time being capable being edited and changed by the user for more robust security. I seek to compare this to similar paid services identifying which is more secure for the user.

Pitch #3

Many have been contacted by a scam caller and while most have the common sense to recognize the scam being played, thousands of Americans fall victim to such scams and end up paying a huge price for there mistake. While many assume these numbers mainly stem from the elderly, research has shown that people likey to fall for scams are broad in age group with the elderly being scammed for more money and the youth being scammed more frequently. To address this issue I seek to create a real time speech and text recognition answering bot that is capable of answering on phone calls from unknown numbers and through certain verbal ques will be able to deduce weather or not the person on the other end is scammer or not. With this bot I will be able to gather data on the most common types of scams and improve upon existing scam blocker software.

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