Week 1 – Update

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This week I looked over the specific dataset that I want to use for my project. I reached out to sources to obtain that dataset. Similarly, I read various researches and, checked existing experiments and projects to learn implementation of Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) in python using Tensorflow and Keras. Read documentations and went over tutorials to learn Tensorflow and OpenCv. Also, I setup Tensorflow in my local machine to work with OpenCv library.

Just sharing a helpful tutorial link below to understand about OpenCV

Link: https://www.lynda.com/Python-tutorials/OpenCV-Python-Developers/601786-2.html

Senior Project Ideas

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Deploying Software Defined Networking (SDN) for cloud endpoints

Topic Description: Using the cloud infrastructure, a Software Defined Networking (SDN) can be deployed for cloud endpoints. SDNs are used to connect data centers to public cloud providers to create a hybrid cloud network to manage micro-segmentation and dynamic scaling, implementing SDN with the mobility of cloud endpoints creates a more efficient hybrid cloud network capable of better managing network traffic and organizing the data.

Content Management System (CSM) for Android applications

Topic Description: The ability to flexibly manage mobile contents allows the app builders to create Android apps more efficiently and faster. Building a custom backend for the content management of the app is tedious work so, having a CMS for Android will allow developers to easily update the app. Certainly, the editors would be able to set up the content structure according to the need of the project.

Smart lock security system for Home

Topic Description: The capabilities of smartphones and (Internet of Things) IoT has made it possible for smartphones to take the role of remote control. I want to build a security lock system which can remotely be controlled using the smartphones. The system could also integrate Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) tagging which then allows the smartphone to be used as only a security monitoring device.