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I’m still trying to get the data over. I’ve been working on it for like 2 to 5 hours everyday but errors keep arriving. I’ve also researched about algorithms and have a better idea of my project scope.

CS488 Capstone

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This week I talked to Dave about the delay on my database. I am waiting to hear back from Charlie andor Craig so I can start working on building the database and connecting the dots. Until then I have read up on some more algorithms, specifically Reddits and ELO’s. I am also writing up my outline for CS488 and cleaning up some paragraphs from last years paper.

1/27 Priscilla Coronado project ideas

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Initially I wanted to do something more towards HCI. These were the following ideas that I had:

(1) Creating a chatbot using NLP where a user would talk to the chatbot and see if there could be some sort of connection made between user and chatbot.

(2) Studying how websites (i.e. typography, colours, layout, etc) affect users emotions and decisions.

(3) Creating a robot that could study dirt temperature and feed it to a database for farmers to use.

However in the end I have to change scope and lean outside of HCI. I will continue to think of new ideas as the days go by.