CS488: Final Capstone Deliverables

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Project abstract:

Heuristic evaluation is one of the most popular methods for usability evaluation in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). However, most heuristic models only provide generic heuristic evaluation for the entire application as a whole, even though different parts of an application might serve users in different contexts, leading HCI practitioners to miss out on context-dependent usability issues. As a prime example, mobile search interfaces in e-learning applications have not received a lot of attention when it comes to usability evaluation. This paper addresses this problem by proposing a more domain-specific and context-dependent heuristic evaluation model for search interfaces in mobile e-learning applications. I will analyze studies on mobile evaluation heuristics, in combination with research in mobile search computing and e-learning heuristics, to generate a heuristic model for mobile e-learning search interfaces.

Software architecture diagram

Research paper


Software demonstration video