Road Map

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First, the annotated bibliography, the preliminary version submitted two days ago: craig_annotated_bibliography.

Second, I want to outline my general plan here. After a meeting with Charlie this week and carefully reading some of the more fundamental papers for the topic, I have greater clarity about the project.

My general plan, subject to – potentially major – modification as the class assignments are posted, is as follows (each date is a deadline):

  • 10-01: Read all papers and complete an annotated bibliography which can be melded into a survey paper
  • 10-04: Complete the survey paper (technically due 10-05)
  • 11-01: Produce outline of the paper and high-level software design
  • 12-01: Done with paper, poster content ready, have some software developed
  • 12-?: Poster and presentation with the others who will not be at Earlham next semester
  • Regular presentations as they come due

I graduate in December so my project is somewhat more limited in scope than those who will be here the full year, but I anticipate a complete paper and a decent initial version of a piece of software by the end.

UPDATE: The annotated bibliography included here has been updated to correct a citation. Wang 2013, not Wang 2011, is the correct citation for the Facebook study.

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