Break Update

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I spent some time over break reading The Design of Everyday Things, the first work of popular literature on user design I’ve read for this project. I’m about a third of the way through – it’s a quick and illuminating read – and I’ll finish the relevant sections soon. Some of his insights will certainly be included in the final product.

I want to move onto Ralph Caplan and a bit from Tufte this week, then spend next week focusing on the software component.

Basic idea right now:

  • October: design, read, annotate, brainstorm, pick algorithms/data structures/languages –> outline and program specs
  • November: write and revise, implement –> complete paper, draft of the associated poster, working code base
  • December: polish and present

There will of course be overlap.

Also, our gitlab group is set up and we should all have our individual project repos set up soon.

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