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We use a self-hosted gitlab page for the Applied Groups and other internal CS work. All seniors have an account, which they can access through upon receiving an email with your password.

If you haven’t worked with git, it’s good to learn now. Version control through git is ubiquitous in software development, so knowing how to do it before you graduate is valuable. A few tutorials:

We’ll add more. Command-line git is installed on cluster, so you can use that if you don’t want to install it on your local device.

If you have your own GitHub or similar account, please let us know and we can probably work with it.

One technical note you’ll need to know if you’re just getting started: when you log in to create your project, to create a local copy of it that you can update…

  • Add your ssh key for whatever machine you’re on (local, cluster, etc.) to your gitlab profile.
  • On the project homepage, make sure SSH is selected
  • copy the URL
  • On your local terminal, someplace in your home space, type:
    git clone <URL> <directory name>

If it worked, you should not be prompted for a password and should see text describing the cloning process. If there is an error, ask someone to help. See tutorials for details of how to do work.

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