Project Design and Proposal

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The current version of the proposal, which includes my revised thoughts from the survey paper as well as the design and timeline of the project:




  • October 26: Develop a preliminary test build for the application by learning a simple gesture and controlling the playback of a sawtooth wave.
  • November 2: Add more complex gestures, particularly conductor gestures, and add more control over the sawtooth wave accordingly.
  • November 9: Integrate JACK for routing gesture messages to LMMS for integration with VST instruments and synthesizers.
  • November 16: Complete the first draft of the paper.
  • November 23: Continue working on application. Complete outline for the poster.
  • November 30 or December 4: Presentation
  • December 12: Complete the second draft of the paper.
  • December 16: Complete the final draft of the paper.


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