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First, the documents.

The proposal outlines some research on HCI, in addition to a proposed browser extension (Chrome) to facilitate easier interface comparison tests on the scale of academic and independent developers. I will complete an IRB form and a (visual) sketch of the software logic for upload by the time of the next class.

Revised timeline, copied from the proposal:

  • October 26: Software design complete (i.e. the design is robust enough to implement a preliminary version with no additional design); submit form to the IRB in the event the software is complete enough to test
  • November 2: Paper fully outlined and key topics un- derstood
  • November 9: Initial software written; poster outlined
  • November 16: First draft completed and handed in
  • November 30: Be prepared to present (may also end up presenting December 4)
  • December 12: Second draft complete
  • December 16: Final draft complete, best version of software done

These, as always, are subject to revision.

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  1. Craig Earley

    Post-class notes: Consider expanding to all campus rather than just CS folks, and collecting preliminary user information beforehand; GreaseMonkey (or Chrome equivalent) and Google Analytics can automate a lot of data collection

  2. […] I will focus on building up the paper for the next week. I also need to complete the IRB form (I’m about halfway through now) and the software design, which I intend to do by the time of the next class. Again see here for detailed timeline. […]

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