Building a Chrome Extension

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Never done it before, but Google’s guide here┬áis a good start.

I was traveling late last week with some Physics research students, so my accomplishments for this project this time around are sparser than in the past. I’ll sit down tomorrow or Thursday to sketch out a design on whiteboard for how the process should work.

It looks straightforward enough to get started. That’s good, both because in the short time available I can implement something and because, if I have to change to a webpage or the like, I will likely be able to preserve some of the design without having been too bogged down in details.

Some other notes:

  • Thanks to hackathon-winning Earlham students Eli Ramthun and Flannery Currin for help getting started.
  • I see we’re going to start posting project updates daily starting tomorrow, which should be valuable.

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