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I am spending today (Tuesday) writing the paper. I have now written all section and subsection headers that I need into it and started incorporating useful bits of the proposal as a baseline.

In an effort to produce a working version of the software, the following are my goals for the rest of the day:

  • paper: fill out the sections and revise what already exists there
  • software: complete a bit of php code to interface with PostgreSQL, write starting html, create flow diagram

This means that the following will be delayed for the second draft and the poster:

  • paper: add content, specifically expanding the Related Works section
  • poster: import content from paper, adjust form
  • software: a complete working base case

The final version of the paper will be a revision of the second draft, in which I will remove cruft rather than add content. The software version as of December 12, when the second draft is due, will be the last version of the software I work on for grading purposes in this class.

I intend to work minimally over break, so what I complete this week is likely all I will complete before the return the following week.

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