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I solved multiple issues just by walking through this diagram …


… and it’s not even complete, I suspect. Subject to examination tomorrow morning.

Progress relative to what I anticipated: basically good. Details:

  • I process text from forms and can populate and reset those forms. I can open URL’s and produce timestamps (and therefore time intervals). The basics, in other words, are done.
  • I know a whole basket of potential URL problems that will need to be solved in future iterations of the software.
  • The page’s appearance is plain but not completely offensive.

The biggest problem is that it does not (to use my metric from yesterday) “work, start->finish.” I’m planning to spend tomorrow much like today, except more emphasis on coding and testing. I will produce my presentation in the evening and demo what I have (which I will consider the final version, for purposes of this course) on Wednesday.

Also here’s a silly throwback to when I was initially doodling that diagram in Jot! for the iPad.


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