Project Idea 2

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A portfolio tracker that keep tracks of investments in stocks in a particular market. Keeping in mind the time limitation, it would be better to focus on small markets for this project. The web-based application will provide different portfolios to users to keep track of their investments and to easily look at their best and worst investment.

In this project, the major component of research would be figuring about how to structure the database design for such a system as well as enforcing multiple levels of database transactions logging. A further investigation might be in mirroring the data for backup. Along with this, the project can have a data analysis research segment for any market that might suffice the need of this project.

The research component of this project will also lie in using Model View Controller design pattern to develop such a system. This project essentially has two part, the software design, and the data analysis research. If this project is taken, serious amount of planning has to be done to ensure that all both the component of the project is completed,

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