Project Idea 3

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A Data Science and Machine Learning Project to explore the stock data of a particular stock exchange. The exploration will be focused on observing the repetitive trend in stock markets and relating it to the business cycles. Some questions that can be asked in this project is as follows:

  • Is there any particular pattern that stocks market follow in between the end of December and start of January. This time period is said to be a speculative time for investors and trader. Particularly, it is observed that traders can benefit by buying in December and selling in January because of the closure of accounting books of firms.
  • Another interesting phenomenon would be to ask if there is a trend in between bull market and bear market. That does a bull market always have to be followed by a bear market and vice versa.

The main resource for this project would be “Python for Finance” Analyze Big Financial Data by O’Reilly Media. Some other resources are as follows:


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