Week 1 Ideas

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Idea 1: Optical Character Recognition using Machine Learning

Optical character recognition is not a completely new field of research. However, with the advance of today’s technology, we can apply machine learning to optical character recognition and therefore can recognize not only the printed characters but the more difficult handwritten characters or characters from different type of documents such as certificate or receipt. With the help of OCR, a lot of human work can be reduce. I would like to research about that specific use of machine learning in OCR to handle those harder cases.

Idea 2: Disease prediction

People have always want to know their health status therefore they can prepare and take a better care of their body. It is not difficult to know a person’s current health status since he/she can just go to hospital to have a general medical check. However, people also want to know what type of disease they may have the future, this is when disease prediction using machine learning will be useful. I would like to research about this topic but the first things I found to be difficult will be how to get the appropriate the training data set.

Idea 3: Time management application

Since students sometimes need help with planning the classes and studying for exams, I want to create an application that at first can suggest the best time for students to go class or what time to study. After that, each term, the student can input how well did he/she perform on those classes/exams and from that in the next term/semester the application may suggest a more specific timetable for that specific students to have a better performance.

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