CS388 – Week 2 – Three Ideas

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1. My first idea stays the same, but Xunfei recommended me to enable rating and commenting under each product to make the app a bit more interactive & informative. I will order recommendations for different skin types by star ratings. I am also thinking to include filtering by content, price, etc.

2. My second idea is similar to the first one, and it’s also on personalization with Machine Learning. I will be creating an app that will recommend makeup products such as lipsticks, eyeshadows, blush, etc. as well as their shades depending on the users’ “personal color”. The personal color analysis will be done using a quiz that will have a set of questions and perhaps facial recognition for higher accuracy. Then the app will pick out the best shades of makeup products that will go with your skin tone!

3. My third idea is making an app in which users can check for events happening not only at Earlham but also in nearby cities such as Richmond, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, etc. Students, faculty, and local residents get bored in a small town and are sometimes clueless about fun events happening nearby. I hope this app could get people more involved in the community. I am also thinking to include restaurant/movie deals that might be happening locally.

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