CS388 – Week 2 – Three Ideas

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First Idea: Credibility Analyzer

  • Create a database of media of different opinions that are credible with truthful information.
  • Using Machine Learning, find/develop an algorithm that when given a medium could accurately determine whether it is credible and truthful.
  • Create an app/website/browser extension as a user interface where you can manually input the medium you want to check, or follow certain keywords and be alerted when new credible content with those keywords has been created, or tell you when a medium you are currently looking at is not credible and link you to credible sources of both opinions.

Second Idea: 911 2.0

  • 911 operating centers are underfunded, understaffed, and under-equipped. Uber and Lyft have a better GPS location system than 911 does. 
  • I would like to create a free GPS location service that works 90%-100% of the time (instead of 10%-90%) and can also locate what floor of a building someone is on
  • I would also like to create a way to text 911 and have that text automatically send the coordinates of where your phone is to 911 without the user having to type it themselves
  • I would like to create a system that can screen texts to see if it’s something simple that an AI could handle and get an immediate response or if it’s too complex and needs to be sent to an actual person.

Third Idea: Secure Paperless Voting Machines

  • The paperless voting machines that we have at this very moment have been proven to have many flaws and vulnerabilities and are easy to hack into. Given the interference of the Russian in the last presidential election, this is extremely concerning.
  • I would like to create a paperless voting method that would allow people unable to securely cast their ballot and have the capabilities to have a secure virtual caucus for those unable to make it to the physical location.
    • I would make sure all data is encrypted to the highest standards we have at the moment and that all vulnerabilities noted in our current methods and efforts are addressed.

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