CS 388 – Week 4 – Update

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Updates in Ideas

  • My first “Fake News Detector” idea has remained mostly the same
  • I still have not come up with a more doable idea for the secure paperless voting machines because there’s so much oversight with voting regulations and laws and because there’s an added obstacle of different voting systems/mechanisms.
  • My “911 Tech” has hit a wall in terms of find research articles on it

Updates in Process

  • I talked to Charlie about my three ideas and he suggested a change from 911 specific tech to First Responders/Disaster Relief tech because they actually use open source technology and it might be more feasible to create something and find research on it.
  • I also created a fourth idea in case the First Responders idea doesn’t pan out. My idea was creating very realistic recreations of ancient archaeological sites that you can interact with in VR.

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