CS 388 – Week 8 Updates

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After coming back from CMU workshop for CS researches, I have decided to modify my idea a bit to integrate more CV into the project. From recipe recommendation and calorie estimation, I have decided to focus only on calorie estimation. There are many calorie estimation software that requires users to have a reference object when taking a picture of food. As much as this method has brought food calorie estimation to a new level of accuracy, it is inconvenient for users as they need to have the reference object with them at all times.

In my project, I aim to solve this problem as well as to bring the accuracy of calorie estimation to another level. Users will scan the reference object the first time they set up the application. The scanned object will be saved in the database as a 3D object with its area and volume. Next time the user scans the food, the object will appear next to food. These two will be compared and extract the volume of food from it. From volume, the calorie of food will be estimated.

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