CS 388 – Week 12 – Updates

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  • I spent a lot of time this week trying to closely read the texts I’ve found already to try and find any mention of the data set they are using. This was very difficult because the research articles usually don’t name what their data set was called or don’t explain where to find the data set they were using. There is not a lot of details in these papers about the researchers’ process and methodology in a way that would allow me to replicate their results. This made finding fake news data sets extremely difficult. However, through the close reading and intense web searches, I have found 21 fake news related data sets. 
  • I also spent a lot of time researching what would perhaps be the best machine learning tool to use for my project. I’ve narrowed it down to these possibilities: Oryx 2, Tensorflow, Azure ML Studio, Weka, Shogun, AWS CLI, TensorBoard, Kerras, Caffe2. I think that I might be able to use more than one for my project to get the best results but more research still needs to be done about which tool is better for the type of data set I have (which is not a timeseries data set).

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