CS388 – Week 11 – Update

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I discussed my proposal draft with my advisor. I got her feedback and suggestion, and knew how to revise and improve my proposal. In the past week, I read more papers about the GMM-UBM modeling method that I plan to use for my project. I understood the specific procedure now but it is still hard to fully understand this principle… Now my another problem is to find a suitable dataset and decide if my system is text-dependent. There are three primary ways for speaker verification now: text-dependent, mixed, text-independent. The text-independent way is very difficult and complicated to do because user can say anything to pass the verification. But text-dependent way is restricted and not safe for spoofing attacks. For example, people can replay pre-recorded voice to pass the verification. Therefore, the mixed way is better. It restricts the text in a way but safe for spoofing attacks. For example, they user can only speak numbers one – ten, but every time the text is random. But it is hard to find a dataset of all audio file in numbers in English. Now I need to decide which text way my system will use. 

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