CS 488 – Week 1 – Updates

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First of all, I decided my advisor to be Xunfei who was my advisor as well last semester. We decided our weekly meeting time. I have read some new papers and decided to change my modeling method from GMM-UBM to Neural Networks, and combine with i-vectors or x-vectors. I have found related code sources about Deep Neural Networks/Convolutional Neural Networks for speaker verification on GitHub. GMM-UBM is one of the most classical and dominant methods for speaker verification, but its accuracy decreases as the amount of users increases. Nowadays, there are new methods performs better than it, like Deep Neural Networks/Convolutional Neural Networks. This change on my project might be more challenging because I am using a new method which probably has fewer recourses. But I really want to make the accuracy for speaker verification higher than 90%. 

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