CS 488 – Update – Week 2

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  • This week I recovered all of the data sets I found last semester that were on my other computer. I then downloaded and extracted the data.
  • I also chose to set up my own Developer SQL database on my laptop so that I can keep my training data and the user data in one accessible place.
  • Because I wasn’t able to have my mentor meeting last week, I wasn’t sure where to begin with all the work I’ve set up. So I’ve decided to go back through all of my notes on the research papers I have read and create a giant spreadsheet detailing the tools used, features used, classification methods used, whether the dataset or the code was available, and if I’ve contacted the authors of these papers for more info.
    • This will help me figure out how I’ll need to create the learning loop to not forget any feature or method.
    • This will also help me show my advisor exactly what was in previous work and what I have to build off of

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