CS388 – Week 2 – Second Idea

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  1. Name of Your Project

Driver Drowsiness Detection Using Deep Neural Networks

  • What research topic/question your project is going to address?

Driving while feeling sleepy or tired is one of the main causes of traffic accidents. One solution for this might be having a device in the car that monitor drivers’ behaviors and facial expressions and ring the alarm if the drivers tend to fall asleep.

  • What technology will be used in your project?

Dataset of facial expressions (images and videos)

  • What software and hardware will be needed for your project?

Python, PyTorch (or Keras)

  • How are you planning to implement?

Build a pipeline that first apply some image processing techniques to improve the quality of the images, then train a model (using neural networks) to detect and locate face position in the images, and the last step is to build a model (also using deep neural networks) to classify the behaviors and facial expressions.

  • How is your project different from others? What’s new in your project?

Most relevant projects track the drivers’ eyes to see if they close their eyes. I am considering checking eyes movements and also other behaviors such as yawning or nodding off in order to improve the classification performance.

  • What’s the difficulties of your project? What problems you might encounter during your project?

There might not be a big dataset for me to use.

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