CS 488 – Updates – Week 4

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  • I have spent this week analyzing the data sets that I have to see if there are any outside things that I need for these data sets to be able to be tested using Weka.
  • I have found that some required me to have my app registered with Facebook Developers and Disqus and some were not actually in proper .csv format and so Weka (the tool that I am using to test classification methods) could not read it.
    • This meant that I have a lot smaller pool of articles that I am able to replicate.
    • I have found 27 different data sets but I haven’t read all the papers those data sets are used in and some of the papers that mention the data sets are just explaining how they created the data sets and not how to use them in this context.
  • Because of all of these little setbacks, I am working on just finding smaller sample data to test Weka with, so that I can make sure Weka is working and I am focusing on recreating the results from Castello et al.’s work for the moment.
  • Castello et al.’s data format is different than what I have used for Weka before and I have to do some more digging to see if I need to combine the fake news data set with the credible news data set for each year first before sending it through Weka, or if I can just open both within Weka and tell it how to find what it needs.

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